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Providing Immediate Assistance In All Israeli Ports

Harpaz P&I is an independent commercial P&I correspondent in Israel. 

40 years of experience in the various aspects of the shipping industry.

We serve the interests of the P&I Clubs and their Members 24/7/365.

service 01
Provide immediate assistance in all Israeli ports 24/7/365
service 02
Serve the needs and requirements of P&I Clubs and their members, whether Owners or Charterers.
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Handle P&I, FD&D and H&M claims and recoveries
service 04
Resolve issues and minimize delays cost-effectively quickly and efficiently
service 05
Arrange all kinds of surveys: Condition,Draft,Pre-Loading,Bunker surveys Etc.
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Issue Letter of Undertaking

Ilan Goldenberg has been in the shipping industry and, more specifically, in the marine insurance business for almost 40 years. He began as a marine insurance broker and then worked as a marine surveyor. For the last 35 years he has worked for the OFER/XT Group (XT Shipping) as the Insurance and Claims Manager.


During all these years Ilan has come across and dealt with all aspects of insurance and claims matters on owners’ behalf: crew incidents, various cargo claims for all kinds of ships, pollution and other P&I matters, GA, salvage and H&M claims.


For the last 10 years Ilan has also dealt with claims from a charterers’ perspective.


Over the years Ilan has met and worked with virtually everyone in the Israeli shipping community: ship’s agents, marine surveyors and insurance companies. He also knows key personnel in the Israeli Ministry of Transport, Shipping and Ports, the Israeli Marine Environmental Protection Office and the Port Authorities.

To take advantage of all of his work experience, network and knowledge Ilan has now established Harpaz P&I to provide the Clubs and their members with valuable service and assistance as a correspondent.

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